Created On:  05 April 2011


What are the functional differences between Enterprise View 2.1.3 and Enterprise View 3.2?


The differences are that in Enterprise View 3.2 are as follows:

1. There is only one workspace.  Only one workspace can be used with Enterprise View at a time.

2. Roles do not restrict features, they only determine the starting dash-board for the user.

3. Previous survey responses are not shown and cannot be re-used when responding to a survey.

4. Websphere is not supported as a web server.

5. Charts cannot show metrics for one object with dynamic drill-down in dash-boards.

6. Charts that show objects cannot be filtered by tag.

7. Only charts showing object types can have a filter on object type opposing to all charts in EVE

8. Various chart options are not available...
    - Ability to set color of bars according to value ranges
    - Add notes to an area of any chart
    - Change the colors on the heatmap
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