Created On:  04 December 2012


I want to create scripts for all my tables so that I can load them into the product, so that when a table is used within a program it will be known by the product.


Within Oracle, it stores all the information about the table definitions inside data directory tables that can be integrated using SQL select statements. By making use of Oracle standard functions, it is possible to produce create table scripts that then can be bulk loaded into Modernisation Workbench (MW) or Enterprise Analyser (EA). Within the zip attached to this KB are three files that can be used to generate the DDL files that can then be loaded into the product. You will need access to a dos command line and the Oracle tool Sql*Plus on the machine you are going to generate the ddl files from. So:

- Unzip the into the directory you want to create the dll files into.
- From the start menu type cmd in the search program and files to open up a dos command prompt.
- Navigate using the cd command to the directory want to create the dll files into.
- Using notepad edit the and change the references to to the user id/password@database that is correct for your site.
- From the dos command prompt run create_all_user_tables.

Once you run create_all_user_tables it will first attach to the database to get a list of all the tables that available to the user id that you have changed in create_all_user_tables. Then using that list it will generate one DDL file per table. Once all the DDL scripts have been generated, they can then be loaded into MW or EA.
Incident #2603397