Created On:  15 October 2010


We noticed that the Easytrieve option does not appear in the Configuration Manager for Modernization Workbench 3.1.


This is a known issue for Modernization Workbench 3.1.  The best option is to contact SupportLine so that they can provide assistance in the following steps.

1) Click Start - Run and type "regedit"

2) Navigate to the following key:
My ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Relativity\Rescueware\3.0\

3) Modify the BaseConfigInstalled and ConfigInstalled by adding "EZT" anywhere in the string before the first semi-colon.  Please be sure to include any commas to ensure separation.  Below is an example:


4) Close the Registry Editor.  Open Configuration Manager and select the Easytrieve Option.  Click OK to complete the re-configuration.

5) Upgrade any existing Workspaces to apply the changes in configuration.