Created On:  21 February 2011


The CRUD Report feature is not visible under the Prepare menu for a non-master user of Modernization Workbench. How can certain options that are disabled for a non-master or standard user be enabled?


Do the following to make the CRUD report feature available in the Prepare menu for a non-master user:

1. Look in the workspace directory, and make a backup copy of the Policy.Simple.xml file.
2. Edit the Policy.Simple.xml file.  Under the <privilege name=’SingleUser’ section, find the line with caption=’CRUD Report’.
3. Comment out this line by placing <!-- at the beginning of the line and --> at the end of the line, like this:
<!--      <function component='FrontEnd.MainForm' name='~DMenu~;CRUDReport' caption='CRUD Report'/>-->
4. Save the file.

Now when a standard user opens the workspace, they will see the CRUD Report feature in the Prepare menu.
Incident #2502315