Created On:  13 October 2010


I want to enable free-format style in Modernization Workbench, allowing COBOL code that is not restricted to the standard 7 to 72 margins.  This especially applies to COBOL platforms like Bull and Tandem where the margin restrictions are noticeably different.


Modernization Workbench does have the ability to specificy alternate formats.  It did introduce the ability to specify alternate column offsets for the indicator/areas based on a specific need. The changes involve modifying the Legacy.xml file to reset the start and end columns for the text editor.
1. Back up Legacy.xml located in C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Modernization Workbench\Data

2. Open Legacy.xml in a text editor

3. Search for the following entity tag:

4. Copy the following XML segment and paste it below the section. 






5. Locate the section within the entity.

6. Ensure your workspace options are set to make Micro Focus COBOL the dialect and turn on the Enable MF Comments option.

7. Verify the source.