Created On:  07 January 2011


A new External Metric needs to be created if a formula is to be used in a survey. This can then be used in any chart.


For example, If a new External Metric - TotalAvailability needs to be created that needs to be used to capture Total Availability that is the sum (or other formula) from a survey.

1. Create the XML file containing the external metric as follows.

 Create an XML file containing the following text:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <externalMetric name="TotalAvailability" type="0">
        <description>Total Availability</description>
        <group name="Formulas">
            <description>Values computed from formulas</description>

2. Import the XML file into Enterprise View as follows.

In Enterprise View, from the Configuration menu,
a) Select 'Import'
b) Enter the name of the XML file or click the Browse button to browse for it
c) Click the 'Import' button. A message will briefly popup to acknowledge.

The new metric will appear in the list under Group:Formulas when defining a new chart or editing an existing one.
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