Created On:  14 February 2011


If objects are tagged, they are not included in the counts in the charts in the Administrator's default dashboard in Enterprise View Express. Is it possible to edit the chart definition so that tagged objects are included in the counts?


The charts in the Administrator dashboard are set to filter out tagged objects. The chart definition can be edited to filter out untagged objects.

Here is how to edit the Source File distribution chart:

1. Click on Configuration in the left hand menu
2. If new tags have been created, click 'Refresh Tag Structure'.
    A small balloon with the message  'Success, Data refresh successful' should briefly appear near the
    right   bottom corner of the window.
3. Click on Chart Definition
4. Find the 'Source File Distribution' chart definition.
    Note : The value in the Tag column is No Tag. This means that only untagged items are charted.
5. Edit the chart definition (click on its pen icon).
    When the Chart Definition Wizard opens.
    a). Click on 'Previous'. Leave the trending option unchecked.
    b). Click on 'Previous'. 'Select Metrics' will show 'Source Lines Count' selected in the right hand list.
          Note : This may take a few minutes.
    c). Click on 'Previous'. keep it unchanged with 'All object types:' checked.
    d). Click on 'Previous' button until you reach 'Select filter Tag' page. Uncheck the 'Filter by no tag'.
    e). Type * in the 'Tag search:' field and search by clicking on the search icon next to it, to search all the tags.
    The tag list should be populated with all the tags.
    f). Select 'Enterprise' or the specific tag that you wish to chart.
    g). Click on 'Next' button. The 'Select Tag data' page is prompted.
         Check the 'This tag and all descendants' option.
    h). Click on 'Next'. 'Select objects type(s)' page is prompted. Check the 'All object types:' option.
    i). Click on 'Next'. 'Select Metric(s)' page is prompted. Find and select 'Source Lines' and click on the right pointing green arrow icon to include it in the list on the right hand side.
    j). Change the Aggr(egate). method to COUNT by clicking on SUM and selecting from the dropdown list.
    k). Click on 'Next' and again, to reach 'Select Chart Type' keeping it Piechart. Click on Preview.
    l). If the chart is OK then click on 'Finish' to save the updated chart definition.
6. The updated chart should now be visible on the 'Dashboards' tab when browser view is refreshed.
Incident #2464049