Created On:  12 March 2010


After MS Windows updates installation for Vista the Enterprise View client and DBInstall don’t work correctly anymore.
When the Enterprise View client is started, the following error messages are displayed:

Error loading MIDAS.DLL
Error: messages file not loaded!
Missing data provider or data packet.


The messages described usually appear in the following situations:
1. MIDAS.dll is not copied under \WINDOWS\system32
2. MIDAS.dll is not registered
This file is used by Enterprise View Client and during the Setup installation it is copied in the appropriate directory and registered.
Therefore to solve the issue, execute the following steps:
1. Verify if the file is present in \WINDOWS\system32. If yes, continue with step 4.
2. If the file is not present in the folder, then find it in the Enterprise View installation CD.
3. Copy it under \WINDOWS\system32 directory.
4. Register MIDAS.dll
    4.1 Start Command Prompt
    4.2 Execute the following command: 
                     regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\midas.dll
    4.3 After execution you have to see the following message:
                      "DllRegisterServer in c:\windows\system32\midas.dll succeeded."
Incident #2348997