Created On:  19 March 2011


When I tried to run Daemon 1 in Foreground mode I got the following error:

"Starting daemon 1 ...
Comparison of current locale setting and internal encoding failed. Check error log for details.
Enterprise View: ISO8859-1; Environment setting: en_GB
Daemon exited because of error.
Error starting Daemon 1."


The message is issued because the Enterprise View 5.7.1 is configured to use National Language Support, i.e. NLS, but the value used by the Linux Environment does not coincide with the one used by Enterprise View product. To disable the National Language Support in Enterprise View 5.7.1, go to Configuration Manager module, open Work With Environment Properties and select the COMMON settings.

Change the NLS_ENCODING property to NONE. The default value used is ISO8859-1.

If you wish to use the National Language Support with Enterprise View 5.7.1, then the following environment variables have to be exported in your Linux profile:

export LANG
export ORA_NLS33
export NLS_LANG

Note: For ORA_NLS33, you must specify the correct location, depending on your Oracle installation folder.

For more information on the NLS support in Enterprise View product, please consult the NLS Guide provided with the product installation.
Incident #2500166