Created On:  24 February 2011


Verifying a JSP project in Modernization Workbench throws errors -  .tld file not found, even though the tag library .tld files are loaded and verified in the project.


Before adding the JSP files to the workspace:

1.  The references for the tag library (.TLD) files that are reported as missing need to be added to the web.xml file in the WEB-INF sub-folder.
2.  The web.xml file needs to be renamed to web.xml.webconfig, and then added to the workspace with the original directory structure.


Reference in a JSP File – appears as unresolved:
%@taglib uri="" prefix="html"%

1. The appropriate TLD was extracted and placed within the /WEB-INF folder.
2. The following entry was added to the web.xml:

Notes:  The web.xml.webconfig files will load successfully but cannot be verified themselves.  Currently, JSPs written in XML Document format are not supported.
Incident #2459973