Created On:  12 October 2010


When you open Interactive Analysis, the Flowchart pane is not available under the View menu.  In addition, an error message appears in the Activity Log stating that there was a "Failure to Initialize Components".  This occurs when using Windows 2003 Server or newer.


This issue is related to registration of the DLL that controls the Flowchart pane.  In Windows 2003 Server environments and newer, there are problems with default registration.

To resolve it, you should manually register the HCParagraphNET.DLL file in the C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Modernization Workbench\Bin folder.

The following command can be used to register the DLL:

c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\RegAsm.exe HCParagraph.dll
Incident #2450292