Created On:  07 February 2011


When verifying MCP 74 COBOL source, several issues can be easily cleared by making sure general verification settings have been configured correctly. What are these settings and how should they be configured?


General verification problems when verifying MCP 74 COBOL source is usually caused by general parameter settings. To overcome these issues, before adding any sources to the Modernization project/workspace, make sure the appropriate settings are completed.

1. From the OPTIONS menu, choose WORKSPACE settings, and open the VERIFICATION tab
2. Open the LEGACY DIALECTS sub tab.
3. Highlight COBOL in the left hand pane.
4. Choose UNISYS MCP COBOL-74 from the drop down list of COBOL Dialects.
5. Add any required UNISYS MCP CONTROL OPTIONS and check the specific SET and RESET options.
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