Created On:  07 February 2011


MCP 74 COBOL source does not contain explicit COPY statements for database copybooks, but uses INVOKE statements instead. How can this be verified in Modernization Workbench?


Within MCP 74 COBOL source, database copybooks are usually not explicitly defined. Instead, the program source will contain INVOKE statements.

To verify programs containing these statements and include the necessary database copybooks....
1.  Add the Unisys Data Management II system files to the project.  These files have a DMSII extension.

2.  Verify these files.
     The verification will generate all the necessary database copybooks and add them to the project.

3.  Add the program source to the project and verify.

See separate KB article #33195 on General parameter settings for verification of MCP 74 COBOL source for extra tips.
Incident #2478188