Created On:  13 July 2012


User is changing the computer names of the application server and database server for Enterprise Analyzer.  User needs to know what changes, if any, are required in the EA configuration to allow this change.


No significant database changes are required in terms of EA settings.

User will need to update the WorkspaceSettings table in the database to reflect the new name of the application server.

The row in question is called WorkspaceDir located in WorkspaceSettings.  See example below

\\SERVERNAME\ABC where ABC is the name of the Workspace. 

It will need to be changed to reflect the new server name:


The user will need to ensure the workspace directory remains shared once the server name is changed on the server.

Once this change is made, user can run Build New Connection using the new database server connection information.  This will generate a new RWP file that contains the newest server and database information.

Incident #2580878