Created On:  19 March 2011


When doing an impact analysis in Enterprise View for a variable, the point at which the attributes is populated (Input - MOVE) is identified, however that attribute is then referenced in the VALUE parameter of a SQL INSERT. Its reference in that statement is not identified. Is this how the tool is expected to operate?


The product discovers also the references to the SQL Inserts. If the value of a variable is passed to a SQL Insert, the product will display this reference. The misleading thing is that it shows the starting row of the SQL Insert structure and not the exact row where in the Insert the variable participates. In the two documents attached to this KB article, there is an example of how to achieve the desired result and retrieve the impacted candidates in Enterpirse View 5.7.1 and Enterprise View 5.6.2. In Enterprise View 5.7.1 there are improvements in the impact analysis module that is why there is a separate document about this.
Incident #2484310