Created On:  07 February 2011


License Manager installation fails during Modernization Workbench install on machine with Visual COBOL R3 already installed. How can this be avoided?


This unfortunately appears to be a clash between versions of the license manager installed by Visual COBOL R3 and Modernization Workbench 3.2. What is happening is that the license manager wrapped by the Modernization Workbench 3.2 installer, is correctly refusing to install the earlier version. It does so and returns the 1603. The problem therefore is that the Modernization Workbench 3.2 installer needs to ignore the return code from the LMsetup installer. This has been reported.

The workaround would be:

1. Remove the Micro Focus License Manager already installed.
2. Install Modernization Workbench 3.2.
3. Remove the Micro Focus License Manager again.
4. Then re-run the Visual COBOL installer
Incident #2490254