Created On:  19 March 2010


When a COBOL (including all COBOL dialects listed in Supported Environments) program is opened in Browse Object window under the Tech Module, the ‘Propagation network’ and ‘Control Flow’ tabs are not visible.


This may happen when some of the Environment options connected with the Analysis flow are not set to the requested for that aim values. The resolution of the problem is the following:

1. From Configuration Module, on the toolbar, “Work with Environment properties” button should be opened.
Note: This button is only visible if the user has logged in as ADMIN or MFADMIN.
2. Filter by COBOL program/COBOL IDMS program.
2. The properties affecting Analysis flow are GenerateAttrRelations, GenerateStatementInfo and LoadMemoryMapInfo. Their values should be set as follows:

GenerateAttrRelations – LOAD
GenerateStatementInfo – LOAD
LoadMemoryMapInfo –TRUE
Note: For applying the changes on the sources after the execution of the steps above, submission of Repair Analysis job is recommendable.
Incident #2422542