Created On:  07 February 2011


When installing Oracle 11g, as supplied with Modernization Workbench 3.2, there have been some re-occuring issues relating to the basic installation. What is the recommended approach to this installation for Modernization Workbench users?


The installation of Oracle 11g is not important unless the operating system being used is either Vista or Windows 7 or is an installation standard.

If a working Oracle 10g installation exists, then unless it is a priority to upgarde to Oracle 11g, Modernization Workbench 3.2 will work happily with Oracle 10g.  Therefore the installation of Oracle 11g is not necessary at this time.

Otherwise, things to watch out for...

1. Make sure the user has administrator rights on the PC for installation.

2. Make sure any firewall is turned off for the duration of the installation.

3. Always copy the installation files to the hard drive of the PC for installation. 
    - Do not run the installation from a network drive.

4. Run the SETUP32.BAT from the install directory, from a DOS command line. This will ensure that all messages from the different stages are visible, as well as being written to the appropriate logs.

5. Oracle install happens in 3 stages.
  a) Unzip of files for installation. 
      This can fail if any files have become corrupt during transfer/download to the PC involved.
      - If problems occur during this stage of the installation, it is likely that the transfer/download of the delivery file has become corrupt.  Download the file again and restart the process.

   b) Installation of Oracle.  
       This stage will continue even if the previous unzip stage has encountered any problems.
       - If problems occur during this stage, ensure no errors were reported during the unzip stage, then refer to the Oracle installation manuals.

   c) Install of the MW  part. 
       This stage will continue even if there has been problems in the previous 2 stages, but will currently report that everything has been successful.
       - If problems occur during this stage, and no errors were reported during the previous 2 stages, then contact Customer Care for further assistance.

Plans are in place to change this process for the next version of the product, Modernization Workbench 3.3, to simplify the process.
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