Created On:  08 September 2010


Is Oracle 10G supported on Windows 7 Platforms?


Modernization Workbench 3.1 is fully compatbile with Windows 7 however the Supplied Oracle 10G Server Repository is not. Should you have a requirement to create Oracle repositories on a Windows 7 machine you will need to follow the attached procedures for 32bit and 64bit operating systems to install the 11G version of the repository.

If you are installing Modernization Workbench Workgroup Edition or Enterprise Edition and your Windows 7 machine is the client connecting to a non Windows 7 server then you need only install the Oracle 11G client supplied with the product.

Moving forward, version 3.2 of Modernization Workbench (Due for release in November 2010) will be based on Oracle 11G oobviating the need for the seperate installation instructions.