Created On:  22 March 2010


Is there a procedure to list out the Program-to-Program (object–to–object) Relation?


For each starting point previously detected, the system proposes a list of existing relations (IN or OUT), which can be used for selecting the type of relations to be considered. You could mark the relations that you would like to be included in the selection criteria. "Define Candidate Selection Criteria” window should be open by right clicking on a step.

In the particular case, only the filter boxes connected with object-to-object relations need to be leaved marked as follow:
-  IN/OUT Directions tabs, which can be found under “Relations with Starting Points” filter box

-  “Object Classification filter” tab, which is under “Objects and Attributes filters” filter box

NOTE: All filter boxes are marked by default.  For this reason, the boxes that are unwanted (Attribute Classification filter for example) should be unmarked.
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