Created On:  22 November 2010


While verifying the common header file String.h in Modernization Workbench, the following line of source produces the error:

 "error 53000 - parsing error ( incomplete type is not allowed)"

void  __far * _RTLENTRY _FARCALL  _fmemccpy(void __far *__dest, const void __far *__src,
                                          int c, size_t __n);


Enable support for Microsoft 16-bit extensions, by making the following changes under Workspace or Project Options.

a.  From the Tools menu, choose , Workspace or Project Options

b.  Open the Verification tab, and then the Settings sub-tab

c.   Click on type "C File Source"

d.   In "C/C++ Parser Parameters" field, add   
This will enable support for Microsoft 16-bit extensions.
Incident #2487042