Created On:  14 February 2011


When connecting to Enterprise View Express, the browser displays an error message e.g. Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage:


How can this be avoided?


1. Check that Modernization Workbench and its latest Hotfix, if any, have been installed .
2. Check that a workspace has been created, and at least 1 file has been verified.
3. In Windows, check the Workspaces and the workspace folders are shared.
4. In Modernization Workbench, check that project folder ais shared.
5. Check that Enterprise View Express and its latest Hotfix have been installed. 
    Note - Please see the 'Installing Enteprise View' document supplied with the install file.
6. Check that Apache Tomcat service is installed and running -
    - From the start menu, navigate to the control panel, then to Administrative Tools, and finally to Services  
    - Find the Apache Tomcat service and Start it, if it is stopped.
7. Open this URL in your browser - http://localhost:8080/EV
Incident #2484535