Created On:  18 July 2011


When moving a workspace from a local drive to a network drive, some workspace settings may become invalid, preventing access to the newly relocated workspace.  How can this be avoided?


The process for moving a workspace is as follows:

1.  Physically create a new directory on the network drive

2.  Copy the directory that currently contains the workspace to the network drive directory, created in step 1

3.  Copy the workspace.rwp file to the network drive directory, created in step 1

4.  Make the network drive directory created in step 1, fully sharable, with full permissions

5.  Open the MW Administrator tool

6.  From the Administer menu, choose Refresh Workspace Path
     - When prompted, navigate to the network drive directory, and the copied workspace.rwp and click OPEN.
     - After a short while, when prompted, enter the full network path of the directory created in step 2.

        For example: \\machinename\drive\directory

7. Check that the copied workspace.RWP file has the new path in it

If the file doesn't contain the path given in step 6, then there is a need to manually correct the values

NOTE:  Please remember that within the following steps, EVERYTHING is case sensitive and the format is critical.

8. Changes to the workspace.rwp can be made manually, remember to change both of the following lines to contain the required network path used in step 6 to look like:

     <property name="user-directory" value=”\\machinename\drive\directory”/>
     <property name="server-directory" value=”\\machinename\drive\directory”/>

9. The Repository database needs to be updated accordingly.

   - The workspace.RWP file contains details of the owner of the Workspace, for example:

     <property name="Default Schema" type="schema" value="RMWUSER1">

10.  Start SQLPLUS, with user name as in step 9 and the respective password
         (our default users have a password that is the same as the username, for example RMWUSER1 - RMWUSER1)

11.  Run the following commands.  NOTE:  Every command is case sensitive.


SELECT "Name","Value"
WHERE "Name" = 'WorkspaceDir';


SET "Value" = 'newpathname'
WHERE "Name" = 'WorkspaceDir';

Make sure you only update 1 row, then issue a COMMIT within SQLPLUS.

Rerun the SELECT query (a) to double check the changes have worked.

Exit SQLPlus

This should do the same as the Path Refresh process.
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