Created On:  10 September 2012


What are the simplest steps to enable any user to view the metrics of any source repository (workspace) via Enterprise View (3.3)?


1. Add source to any project / workspace.

2. Before verifying any sources in Enterprise Analyzer, you need to make sure that the metrics you wish to view, are selected.
  (Most of the standard metrics are selected by default.)

To select additional metrics....
- Open EA Administration tool
- From the TOOLS menu, select Metrics History, then select ATTRIBUTES
- Choose the RWP file for your workspace and click OK
- When the attribute selection panel appears, select the required attributes in the left panel and use the buttons in the middle to move them to the selected (right hand) panel.
- Click APPLY and OK

3. After selecting your metrics, Upgrade your workspace.

4. Re-verify your source

5. Run "Update Trending snapshot" from the PREPARE menu in the MW Tool.

6. Connect from EV to the workspace.
NOTE : Everytime you update your workspace in anyway, adding programs, new metrics, etc, you will have to run "Update Trending Snapshot" to reflect the changes into EV.

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