Created On:  18 July 2011


The run-time error -2147221404 (80040064) occurs when using Clipper in Modernizatioon Workbench 3.1.  Why is this?


In the latest version of Modernization Workbench a special tool has been added to the MW Administrator tool, however this tool is not available in version 3.1.

To over come this problem, a special stand-alone tool has been created for use with version 3.1 only.  To use this:

1.  Stop the MW Tool and MW Administrator Tool if running 

2.  Unzip all files in the attached file ( into a directory of your choice

3. Open a DOS command prompt and navigate to the directory you have chosen in step 1

4. Type HCCleaner and press enter

5.  When the HC Cleaner dialogue opens, click on the "Select Workspace" button

6. When the "Open" dialogue opens, navigate to the .RWP file for the workspace you are using.  Highlight the workspace .RWP file and click OPEN

7.  The file selected will appear in the HC Cleaner dialogue.  Click START

When the processing has finished, a message will be displayed with the number of problems detected as follows:

Finished.   nn problems detected.

Use the red X in the top right hand corner of the dialogue to close it.

8. Restart the MW Tool and re-run the clipper query causing the problem
Incident# 2522376