Created On:  10 February 2011


I generated a Screen Flow Diagram and noticed that some relationships and entities are missing.  These same relationships and entities appear correctly in the Repository Browser, but they do not appear in the Diagram.


The issue is related to specific relationships that are not included in the default Diagrammer Scopes.  In the specific case of Screen Flow Diagram, the relationship is Sends/Receives Program.

This can be resolved by making a copy of the default Screen Flow scope and modifying to include the correct relationship.

Go to Scope > Scope Editor.

Select the Screen Flow scope and right-click, select Copy.  Rename the Scope.

Once you have done this, you will see a list of scopes to add to it in the right pane.  Find ProgramsSendsReceivesMap and check the box next to it.  Save.

Choose this new scope when drawing the diagram.
Incident #2489553