Created On:  08 November 2013


From the EA Administration tool, it is possible to view a USER LIST specific to a single workspace.  To access the USER LIST, choose EDIT USER from the ADMINISTER menu. After selecting a workspace .RWP file and clicking OPEN, the SECURITY / USER dialogue window opens.

The dialogue will allow users to be promoted to MASTER or demoted from MASTER, but there is no obvious way to populate the KNOWN USERS list in this dialogue.  How can users be added to the KNOWN USER list?


There is no manual way to populate the KNOWN USER list for a workspace.  As USERS access a particular workspace, the USER is automatically added to the KNOWN USER list by the Enterprise Analyzer tool.

To promote a KNOWN USER to become a MASTER user , simply highlight the user in the KNOWN USER list and user the > button.

To demote a MASTER user to become a normal or KNOWN USER, simply highlighht the user in the MASTER USERS list and use the < button.

MASTER USERS can be added directly by clicking in the "(NewUser...)" in the MASTER USER list.  Simply enter the user name and click OK.  These functions can only be completed by a valid "MASTER USER" already listed under the MASTER USERS list.
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