Created On:  22 November 2010


Preparing a C or C++ project C or C++ verification error - stdio.h not found.


The include directories for generic header files (e.g. /usr/include on unix for ) need to be added to the C verifications settings. In MWB, click Tools >Workspace Options >Verification tab >Settings tab. Select C File (or CPP for C++) from the list on the left. Right click in the white area under the 'List oF Include Directories.' and select 'Add' to add your local folders that contain your header files referred to by enclosing in #include < and > in your program.

You can chose to do this in Project options if you have different projects with different include directories.

Of course, the header files that are application specific or written by you (e.g. #include "myheader.h") should be added along with your C/C++ code to the workspace. It is important to maintain the original directory structures in MW that your 'make' file would expect.

Please note that embedded EXEC SQL statements are not supported.
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