Created On:  22 November 2010


When working with a JAVA project, errors occur during verification of Java sources.  A error message that might look like:

Error Critical 800 - Failed to build extract files - see log file at ...


a) Ensure that Java is installed

b) Ensure that the Java Add-on for Modernization Workbench is installed

c) Ensure the latest HotFix for Modernization Workbench is installed

d) Run Modernization Workbench Administration,
     1. From the Administer menu, choose Configure Workbench
     2. Ensure that the Java checkbox is checked

e) In Modernization Workbench, from the Tools menu, choose Project options
     1. Open the Verification tab.
     2. Click on "Java File" under Source Type
     3. Enter the classpath value:
         e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\adminrmw\Desktop\JAR FILES.
         -  You can also add the actual JAR files instead of the directories
     4. Check the "Include Jar/Zip Files From Directories" option
     5. Select 5.0 in the "Java Source Level" drop down menu
     6. Click on OK button

f) From the Tools menu, choose User preferences
     1. Click on Environment tab
     2. Check both options in the "After new files are registered" group.
         These are checked by default.
     3. Select "Workspace wide" option
     4. Browse for or Enter the JRE Path:
         e.g. C:\Program Files\Java\jre6
     5. Click on OK button

g) Ensure that the source file names match the classnames , case included. e.g. If the classname is Myclass then the file name should be
(case sensitive).
Incidents #2475052, 2490316