GroupWise: The Next Chapter!

GroupWise: The Next Chapter!

Bob Flynn is the new President and General Manager for the Novell Business Unit. He posted a blog on July 28th outlining the ‘Next Chapter’ for Novell. See Blog here.

The day before this blog was posted, Bob and Jeff Hawn - Attachmate Group CEO - addressed the engineering team in a BBQ lunch meeting at the Provo campus. It was a call to action! In my opinion, Attachmate Executives have done an excellent job in just a few short weeks of streamlining the portfolio and focusing our efforts, resources, energy and future in all of the right directions – finally!! The simple statement: “Novell is hiring more R & D resources in Provo, UT and reinvesting in our core products with more frequent releases” is music to my ears. I have also heard from our customers and partners that this is an awesome and a welcomed message. Furthermore, this is immediately affecting the GroupWise engineering resources– positions have been posted, recruiting and re-recruiting has begun.

Not only is it important, from my perspective, to increase the investment in our core products, but it is equally important how the “focus and portfolio management” will allow us to be able to cleanly execute. We finally having a collaboration strategy that is business focused, customer driven, product and marketing managed and engineering aligned will make such a huge difference!

In addition, I have been asked to take on a new project where I will be spending my time executing one of our new taglines: create a direct line of sight from our customers directly to our engineering teams. Our customers have always been very loyal and now we need to help you be loyal. It will obviously take some time to satisfy each and every customer, but with the added investment and the renewed executive interest in wanting to make the Collaboration business a success, this will get done!

In addition, we still have a very dedicated and talented engineering team – the absolute best. I have full confidence they will deliver.

Now I don’t want to over promise or make anyone believe that ‘tomorrow’ we will provide solutions for everything. But our commitment is:

  • Deliver higher-quality solutions and greater customer value faster

  • Enable customers to upgrade to latest versions at their own pace

  • Enable and secure a portable workspace across wired and mobile devices

  • Consolidate and leverage social experience across our collaboration portfolio

Here is a list of categories (some are very big buckets, I know) where our customers expect solutions. Help us prioritize! Give me your top 3 out of this list and any specifics you want to include. Have we missed any? Are there any of these that you are not as interested in?

Note: They are not in any particular order.

  • 3rd-Party Integrations

  • Mobility (RIM, ActiveSync)

  • Quality

  • Windows Client Features

  • WebAccess Features (Tablet/Simple Templates, Web IM)

  • Co-Existence (Exchange/GW)

  • Currency (latest platforms, fresh look, latest architecture)

  • Active Directory Support / Administration Model

  • Unified Communications

  • Security

  • Instant Messaging/Conferencing

  • Document Management

  • Cloud / Hosted

  • Mac

  • Outlook

Of course, this list is very high level. In several of these areas there is currently a solution or a partial solution.

Well – It seems like I have said enough….Thoughts?


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Hey Dean,

I absolutely agree that there should be priorities, but just exposing the questions via such small (relatively) forums that are generally frequented by techies in my opinion may give a biased view. I think what is needed is to encourage a wider base of users, tech staff etc to vote on the what should be hot and what is not so hot via an intuitive easy to use interface (the enhancement portal is not!). I would suggest using a voting / user feedback forum such as uservoice ( While Novell has the enhancement request system, it only allows a single customer to request an enhancement, so does not give exposure of that enhancement to other users where they can vote with their feet so to speak. I have seen companies such as Astaro use the Uservoice feedback product with great effect. I would also recommend giving exposure to the voting via a high-profile position on the main Novell web site, so that a wider audience of users will have the opportunity to voice their opinion. Another good thing about the uservoice feedback product is that it is ready to roll and only needs a bit of setup.

As fair as my priorities go, and based on feedback I get from customers:-
1.AD and Administration
2. Server side Outlook Connector (no Groupwise stuff required client side)
3. Full Activesync HTML support
4. Groupwise Client Feature matching across platforms
5. Web Access features - Bring it in line with Client features.
6. New Groupwise client connection protocols (PO over HTTP, SOAP etc) so that the client can work thru Firewalls and Proxies without having to punch holes in security.

Sorry a few more than the top 3 as they as all pretty much even!

Cheers, Mark Currie

Good to hear about the call to action from Bob and Jeff and your new project. Kick it!

Dear Dean,

Well, I think you certainly know what my first priority is:
1. Mac -- While you are hiring, pick up someone who is familiar with Cocoa programming. I still don't think you've got the right roadmap vis a vis the Mac.
2. Webaccess Features -- Your biggest competition is Gmail at this point. Better WebAccess will counter that in my organization and in others.
3. Instant Messaging / Conferencing -- The main drag here is that you have no solution for video chat. Google Chat, iChat, Skype all do it well, so I'd love to see something fully integrated with GroupWise to allow convenient internal and external video chat.

What I Don't Care About:
1. Co-Existence (I imagine your large corporate customers will feel differently.)
2. Unified Communications (As a concept. In practice we generally get there.)

What I Care About That Isn't On Your List:
1. Improvements to the IDM Driver. (Moves don't work. That's a real problem in school environments.)
2. Web-Based Administration. Yes, it is on your roadmap but it is actually the biggest feature I am waiting for right now.

Glad to see you are getting more developers!

  • 3rd-Party Integrations - I know I had said it over and over but it is worth repeating NOW. C and C++ API access on both the server and the client side, OLE must GO! The API's have to be cleaned up eg: newMessage_1(), newMessage_2(), etc. has to go!

  • Mobility (RIM, ActiveSync) - Get these bullet proof it is the ONLY way we will regain corporate penetration.

  • Quality - Goes without saying...

  • Windows Client Features - We MUST out Outlook, Outlook feature for feature and then some but do it better, faster, cleaner.

  • WebAccess Features (Tablet/Simple Templates, Web IM) - I care less about this then getting a native iOS and Android client.

  • Co-Existence (Exchange/GW) - GW behaves just fine, the problem may be solved in Win 7 and forward since OL is no longer a base component but when it is installed it attempts to take over everything and I am not sure how you will get around that.

  • Currency (latest platforms, fresh look, latest architecture) - DUMP Java and get with C and use the tools that allow a SINGLE code base for ALL platforms and you can be truly X-Plat.

  • Active Directory Support / Administration Model - If we are going to do AD then do it better then MS ever thought about. We have to make that POS look good.

  • Unified Communications - GW does this already since you can use the client for native GW as well as POP, IMAP and various other standards.

  • Security - Pretty darn good I would say, tighten up what needs to be tightened up.

  • Instant Messaging/Conferencing - GW Messenger is already damn near perfect. Lets use it like it should be sued and lets market it. If you want to include other protocols then the interfaces we build have to be bullet proof AND ALL must be stored in the archive so they are auditable and discoverable ie: ANY message stream going through the client gets recorded. by default.

  • Document Management - Get on this while we still have law firms as clients, pretty pretty please.

  • Cloud / Hosted - It is pretty simple to do a hosted solution just using GW AS IT IS. What more do you want to do?

  • Mac - See comments about the GW client. I am not sure that a server for OS-X is really appropriate as I have no real clue how many OS-X servers there are, but if you guys kept the code base clean it should not be that hard.

  • Outlook - Lets face it it is going to be a hard battle to undo what MS has done since they shipped it by default for free for so many years. PST files are simply the worst idea in a corporate environment. The only thing we can really do is mode the client and GIVE IT AWAY to be on par with the up and coming set of users but we have to make a compelling argument in this day and age of GMAIL which while free, has a simply horrid way of organizing things.

We have to get our 3rd party house in order and we have to do it very very fast and very very cleanly. We have to make it easier and faster to develop against GW then it is for Exchange because when we can show our value as an e-mail and messaging client that integrates simply, tightly AND completely with he big accounting packages and document management systems we will start to get our client base back. If we don't then ALL of this conversation will be moot.

Come to San Francisco or invite me up to Provo and get the decision makers in a room and I will lay this out for them.


These are actually awesome news!!!! Based on what I have seen on the field and what I would like to see happen with the product, my top 3 would be:

1) Mobility: we need to offer our customers a true mobility solution for their GW messaging system. Something that is up to par with our competitors (be able to select which address books to sync, folders, IM client, etc).

2) Currency: we need to be able to keep up to speed with the latest trends, enable further integration with Vibe (all platforms) and maintain the feature set between platforms.

3) Mac: support for this platform is becoming more and more a must as their market share keeps growing. MS has an Outlook client out there which is up to par with their windows client. We should do the same! The current version of the mac client is very unstable and does not have a full feature set. WebAccess is fine, but not for every day use and heavy usage.

One of the things I've always seen that he lacked the GroupWise client version for Linux is that all the features that the Windows version is not available in the Linux version, even for the Mac version in our company we have a mixed environment with SLED workstations and Windows, and often required are fairly straightforward, in fact, we have customers who have not wanted to migrate due to these flaws in the Linux client.
Excellent post, Dean. I think many of your priorities are spot-on. I don't think I could narrow my top list down to just three, so here are the top five priorities IMO.

- Quality
- Mobility
- 3rd party integrations
- Outlook
- WebAccess

I think quality is pretty self-explanatory. I know you've worked hard on improving stability and eliminating bugs, but of course this can always be better! This probably shouldn't even really be a bullet point, as it should be taken into account into every aspect on your list (and mine).

Mobility is a huge area and its importance will only continue to grow so that needs to be the #1 focus as far as an individual area goes.

The next two on the list are probably two of the biggest reasons customers migrate away from GroupWise. Either some big C-level exec comes in and wants to use the Outlook client, or an important application only integrates with Outlook (or Exchange). Supporting the Outlook client via native methods such as with the old connector will help immensely, but further more improving 3rd party integrations directly within GW will really help keep GW customers.

Lastly, I think WebAccess is an area that still can use improvement. There really needs to be feature parity between the win32 and web clients. Not only will this help out the win32 users, but also this will reduce (even if it will never eliminate) the grumblings from the Mac & Linux users.

1. Outlook
2. WebAccess Features
3. 3rd-Party Integrations
For us, the most important thing Novell/Attachmate could do to ensure continued Groupwise existence in our corporation would be to remove the dependency on eDirectory and finally give us a way to host Groupwise accounts directly from Active Directory.

By far the number one priority is to get a real Mac client, or full integration with Mac Mail. Without that, you don't have a viable product for the future. I'd be willing to sacrifice client support for the platform I use, which is of course Linux. Gotta have a Mac client or we will continue to lose clients. Forget about new customers if you don't have Mac support.

Granular administration. We need to be able to delegate visibility and administration to the point where we can administer rights to manage specific users regardless of how GroupWise is organized. Think cloud and hosting.

A Client server based Admin tool without requiring direct file access is, of course, a given.

Expand Linux server agents support to Red Hat and Ubuntu.

Make the GW Linux install a repository so dependencies and updates are handled seamlessly.

An appliance install would be perfect for small sites. It would remove a lot of the scary complications of the set up for potential new small business, and even larger, customers.

Be innovative. GW has to be more than a better email system than Exchange. It should address messaging and collaboration needs that no one even knew they needed until they see it in the "new" GroupWise, while meeting the basic needs better than anyone else.

Shouldn't be too hard for you guys, should it?

  • Mobility (RIM, ActiveSync)
  • Windows Client Features
  • Active Directory Support / Administration Model
  • What my customers want:

    1) iPad support.
    2) Transparent Outlook support.

    What I want:
    3) Independence from Console One.


    See my overview and now to the meat of things....

    • 1. iPhone / iPad - You have to come up with a native client, that's it in a nutshell. These things are selling like hotcakes and are quickly becoming ubiquitous. They are the new crackberry. The iParadigm for e-mail / scheduling etc. is great but it does not do everything GW does by far. One of the hugest markets is going to to Medicine, Kaiser is already buying these things by the crate and they are going to move their entire platform because it is the perfect device for doctors to do rounds with. Everything can be there, charts, medications, x-rays / CT's / MRI's just everything. Just imagine what GW can do integrated into all that.

    • 2. - API's - As I said OLE must go, it is slow, clunky and still gull of bugs. If we rip all of that out of the API's they will shrink considerably. C / C++ published functions can be called by anything. The only things I would possibly add would be C# or simply create the C# interface lib and publish it. I have yet to see a language that has the ability to make external calls not be able to make those calls to C so this is the road we should be heading down. The API's are a mess internally. You know it, I know it and anyone who has ever tried to write against them knows it. The trusted key interface is a good one and should be the way into the system for everything. If a GW admin gets a new 3rd party app then they generate the key for it and the app uses it. This allows the GW administrator to control what 3rd party apps can get into his system AND he can simply turn them off if they start misbehaving. You MUST make these API's available on both the server and the client end. Just imagine an Oracle package making calls to the server, it just boggles the mind.

    • 3. Administration - If you feel you MUST do it via a web browser, then make it a stand alone micro-html engine to do it. Stay VERY far away from the entire Apache / Tomcat stack. Nothing worse then having a broken web stack and not being able to administer your GW system.

    • 4. GW IM - Add video to it but do it in a smart way. Make sure it goes through the IM server and is recorded just like all other IM traffic. Remember, the best thing you have going for the IM product is that is completely auditable and discoverable. Law firms love it!!!!!

    • 5. Document Libraries. If the document libraries were completely meshed with e-mails like would be fantastic. I have a client where the senior partner lives by e-mail but all the rest live by documents. The senior constantly has to forward pertinent e-mails to the associates. Would't it be great if the document library contained all the e-mails for that client as well? Lets get back on that road, get the DL's sprused up and make it "Work as One" shall we?

    I have to agree on the AD administration. As the move away from NetWare continues I have a lot of trouble finding time to develop what little Linux skills I have. The gang wants to go Windows so Windows it is.

    As a programming tinkerer I've found the API's to be a bit too involved and the documentation forcing me to use guesswork for the most part and usually failing in that respect. Documentation needs to include not only a bit more detail in how the various components hang together it but also more specific examples. I program mostly in C# but do C++ and C, all of which I feel are fairly elegant. But when VB objects seem to operate with less involvement and understanding by the programmer it leaves me frustrated. And please expose GW aliases in the Admin API.

    At the very least bring back the API gateway that works with all current versions of GW.
    I would love C# bindings to the client. Even though it is no longer part of Novell, Mono makes it easy to deploy on Windows, Linux, and OS X at a fairly high level.

    Yes, if video comes to BW Messenger, it should be auditable. I imagine that is why it is not yet in the product.

    Document Libraries - I see a great point of integration between the legacy functionality of GroupWise and Vibe. I think Vibe is a fantastic product, and I'd love to see it subsume the current feature set here.
    1)Make it easy for 3rd party devs to access GW functionality. That has to be priority #1 - historically Novell never grasped/understood the importance of this. Does Attachmate? I surely hope so ...

    2)An Outlook emulation layer at the server - a user with OutLook (and it has to be current versions!!) should be able to get basic functionality by pointing directly at a GW POA. This would also help with the item above, because many of the 3rd party products that integrate with OutLook actually integrate with OUTLOOK and not Exchange directly -- so if basic (and please study a wide range of 3rd party products to see what functionality they actually need) functionality is present, many (most???) 3rd party apps should just work!

    3)PLEASE god fix/address/update the process for backup and recovery. At the very least dbcopy should have robust functionality (like robocopy??) that is actually documented. Better tools for db fixing, too ...

    4)Move all gw mailbox item types (resources, external entities, etc ... ) into the directory (which ever directory is being used) so that they can be queried via LDAP

    5)PLEASE give us administratively shared folders that we can push to users -- and that are robust and manageable! And while you are at it - why can't there be an email template (aka 'lite" forms) functionality that is actually a part of the product, and that works and is fully supported?
    The Mono project has one small problem, it is a reverse engineered hack of .Net and while I have my own feelings about that technology the sword of Damocles is that if Microsoft take the whim to complete break it then it is back to step 1 and the first update kill everything built. Stick to C and C++ ( preferably C since IM - not so - HO C++ is the worst hack of OOP I have ever seen and I have been in the business 30+ years ).

    Video is not auditable per se it is simply there to be reviewed as a recording of what was said between two people on a given date and time. It will take a lot of disk space but that is the price you pay to have video conferencing covered.

    GroupWise -v- Vibe. This is where Novell has a severe split personality problem. Groupwise can do pretty much everything Vibe can do including sharing documents. The problem is that is was basically abandoned but left in the code. There is nothing legacy about Groupwise, those that were in power decided that Web 2.0 was far more important then keeping the core products up do data and advancing. When this 1st was announced I asked this simple question, "Will it use the GW system to send e-mail?". The answer was "Well I guess it could but hey man Sendmail is so much cooler and its open source man!!!!". The noise that echoed through my head maid that answer sound like every stoned surfer joke I have ever heard. Vibe is the poor mans Sharepoint and no one really wants it. Novell has spent a boatload of money on it and I still do see it rockin the house.

    Bottom line is this. Novell needs to get back to its core competencies, fire the current Sales and Marketing Staff rebuild a great brand.

    P.S. What is UP with getting rid of 1-800-NetWare!! Can ANYONE answer that?
    I have been begging, screaming, cajoling and haranguing about this for years just ask either Dean or Alex. I hope someone gets their head out of their a$$ and gets them fixed.
    3rd Party integrations. We have increasing numbers of apps that I need to integrate with, but they only support Exchange\Outlook. Trying to source someone who can do C3PO is near impossible and very expensive.
    It looks like we have people moving the right direction. My top 3
    Third Party Apps
    When will be able to put GW on SLES partition on an IBM z. I have asked numerous times, for years, about this but was told we could not because it's a different kernel.
    There are lots of us that can write those ( I am only one of many and I write against the entire API set ) you just need to reach out to the developer lists.

    That being said, stop trying to get things built for $5.00. I know managers / companies just love to cut off American programmers in favor of some offshore programmer they can pay 10 bucks an hour for but you are cutting your nose off to spite your face.

    Custom programming is just that, custom. If you want a "one off" AND you want to own the code and prevent me from selling it to someone else then you are going to pay for that privilege. Everything is negotiable.

    If you are serious and have a spec then get in touch with me.
    wow what a disaster the history of doc man and GW. Then add in forms and GW.


    Can you fix this attachmate?

    If Vibe were to SEAMLESSLY integrate as the document management piece of GW, that would truly be cool. And would allow GW back into architectural and engineering and law firms. Or at least get a foot in the door.
    I am out of the office this week. I am not ignoring everyone's comments. I have been reading them, but I have not been able to respond. I will respond and comment as needed when I return to the office next week.

    Sounds just like an vacation rule message...hmmm 🙂

    Great news, indeed! I love the vibe that's coming out of Novell, these days (and, yes - pun intended!).

    Oooh, Mac! Yes, I'd love to see a better Mac client. The recent rumors (or news?) that the Mac and Linux clients were being dropped in favor of a better WA client made me 😞 I've started using the Mac Mail client, and especially love the new version with Lion. What would be great would be to have SOAP access from these apps to GroupWise. I have an employee on Ubuntu who uses Evolution and just connects it to GW via SOAP and he's got everything! Would be nice to have the native Mac apps connect that way, or to improve the Mac client and give it a more native look and feel.

    Mobility/WebAccess - I'll throw those in together. Native iOS apps? That might be cool if well done, although using the native apps against DataSync works very well, especially since the new version (FINALLY!) supports HTML emails. Improve the WebAccess client further, yes - make it even more appealing than GMail!

    Administration - can't wait for the day we can say "RIP C1"!

    AD - yeah! I think that'd "save" a lot of accounts from jumping ship to Exchange. Migrating email systems is always an itch with a capital B!

    Document Management - meh...never had any customers use the GW stuff. More and more are REALLY liking Vibe, so tighter integration with that would - IMHO - be better.

    That's all I've got for now.



    You may remember some time ago that I mentioned one of the big flaws in the Mac client was that it had no AppleScript Dictionary, and therefore no way of working with Apple's native system services or letting admins script their own solutions to tie it into their environments. Well, it may be relatively straightforward for you to add an AppleScript Dictionary to the existing Java application.

    I've been repackaging some Java apps on OS X recently, and noticed the following documentation on Apple's developer site:

    The entire guide is interesting, and doubtless something your developers have reviewed, but the specific part I am highlighting here explains the process by which Apple Events (and therefore AppleScript and Automator Actions) might be integrated into a Java app.

    "Third Party Support" seems to be a big item in the other comments, higher than the requests for better Mac clients, but a nice chunk of such support on the Mac could be realized by adding Apple Events for things users might want to do in GroupWise such as retrieve or input address book items, use GW to send mail, etc. Yes, there would be some security issues to resolve, but I think you would gain a lot of power and good will from at least adding the basics.
    As far as Vibe goes, I would like to see it integrate more tightly with GroupWise at the server level, rather than in the Windows client. We are using Vibe internally for our IT Department at the moment and I am very impressed with how expressive and easy to use it is. I would much rather use it than Sharepoint, Notes, or Moodle and the team behind it has shown that they can iterate with a vengeance. I think you will see the new management be much more aggressive about tying it to core GroupWise.

    Mono is not reverse-engineered. The core functionality of it is an alternate implementation of the ECMA standards that Microsoft created in support of C# and the CLR runtime. Yes, the Mono team adds on bits of functionality like Moonlight to directly offer Linux versions of Microsoft's products. But I do not use those pieces and am not especially interested in them -- the basic CLR and C# specifications, which are open and will remain so given their ECMA status, are generally enough to do what needs to be done. Add some Novell goodness like the C# LDAP libraries and a theoretical GroupWise API bridge and all would be very well indeed.

    Like you I shudder to think of writing in C++ -- All the drawbacks of C and Java together. C I like much better as its simplicity and standardization make up for its memory management and terrible string handling. But for doing things quickly in a cross-platform, high-level way I prefer to have C# do the heavy lifting.

    I've been enthusiastically supporting GroupWise since before it was GroupWise, and can say with no hesitation that if I see mono anywhere near GroupWise in a future version, I will drop it like a stone.
    Mono is very much like .Net in one very fundamental aspect; it's great for programmers at the expense of making admin's and user's lives miserable.
    1) Outlook! Thats is, Outlook as client, seemless integrated with GW backend and GW clients, incl calendar, tasks, reminders and contacts.
    2) Co-Existence (Exchange/GW)
    3) Currency (latest platforms, fresh look, latest architecture)
    /Kind regards
    hey dean,

    glad to hear this good future news!

    we are away from edir, but groupwise will stay alive, when novell can deal with these points:
    a) remove the dependency on eDirectory and host Groupwise accounts directly from Active Directory rapidly
    > no c1 -> with zcm you have done it
    > switch to html-support
    > no more netware-client for single sign on

    b) Mobility (ActiveSync) - it is the ONLY way you will regain corporate penetration.
    > deliver your own GW-Apps for iPhone/Android/WinPhone7, it can beat the pants off as the standard of these devices

    c) 3rd party integrations - all applications are working with outlook (and lotus domino!!??).
    software producers/developers of our main applications were asking us "what is groupwise?"

    d) Web Access features - bring it in line with Client features.
    > the look and feel is important.

    probably the points b) and c) were the biggest reasons in the government services (= the last real groupwise bastions in austria) why they migrate away from GroupWise!

    Hi Dean

    good to here about the investment Novell wants to put into GroupWise. GroupWise is still a great product but needs to get more awareness on the market.

    Of course from my side unified communication is one of the main functions, that have to be integrated into GW. That's why we - SKyPRO - deliver this function and enhancing the GW experience with VoIP, Fax, Skype, and SMS.

    But looking at our customer site there are other priorites, which often let to loosing a valued GW customer drifting away to an other product (no names here).

    1. 3rd party integration
    We lost customer because they couldn't find an integration in their DMS, CRM etc. application

    2. Outlook
    Customers said their employees all know how to work with outlook. If they could use the outlook client, this would be great.

    3. Active Directory
    Customer switch file services to Windows will also switch GroupWise to Exchange because they do not want to maintain an eDirectory just for GW. So AD integration is very important.

    Looking forward to the next GW releases.

    take care
    be utterly disheartened by a lot of the comments.

    Outlook - For those of you folding on this all I have to say is that you are not evangelizing GroupWise. Outlook completely subverts a system being auditable and discoverable with local files on the workstation. I don't know how many times things have gone sideways because a PST file was corrupted.

    You have to be a true believers and you have to show why in no uncertain terms that GroupWise is the superior product and you have to sell sell sell!!!

    Having said that the Developers have to give us a GW client that is re-factored, bloat removed and can out outlook, Outlook AND is truly X-Plat, but until then we have to fight the good fight.

    Unified Messaging - About 1 in 10000 people use all of that cruft at once. Make phone calls through and e-mail client? Really? I don't think the vast majority of customers do that.

    Customers that switch to Windows for file and print are already MS centric clients and they WILL go with OL/E and very few will continue with GW.

    "No More NetWare Client for single sign-on..." I don't even know what that means. GroupWise can take its credentials from the network connection. If in a windows environment then the security token a network connection is in memory and GW can access that.

    Those of you advocating the elimination of ConsoleOne as the administration utility are correct, but if you think that having you GW configuration based upon the Apache/Tomcat stack are very much asking for trouble since you obviously have very short memories. The entire house of cards can come crashing down far to easily. Even MS does not do that with critical systems. A VERY thin client akin the to MMC needs to be developed and built that is completely X-Plat for administration of the GW system. This must be a completely self contained executable that does not require a privileged account to run and no installation is required. You simply pull it down, start it up and point at the GW system you need to administer. Failing that, then a single agent that is a self contained Micro-HTML stack needs to be built that does not require anything else. If the Apache/Tomcat stack is broken for ANY reasons and GW depends on it of administration then you have a running GW system that you cannot configure and that is a deal breaker.

    You really want to harp on something? How about getting ALL GW settings OUT of the registry. Whomever did that stupidity needs some serious re-education. EVERY setting for the client should be stored in the GW user database That way when you run, "Reset Client Options" they actually all RESET so that after a user has completely trashed their GW client configuration it is a simple fix.

    What a great comment, FlyingGuy!

    I am totally on your side. You have to decide if you are voting for Groupwise or anything else. That said, a IT guy doesn't want to look for "How to integrated OL to GW" but to "Look what GW can do better than OL"!

    One feature that is totally underestimated is the Home View. If I show this to Outlook users the just say " Wow, I want to have this!".

    Hi Dean,

    these are indeed very good news!

    As I read through the posts, I think many of the wishes are too IT related. I think it is better to approach this issue from an end user perspective. I mean end user as in the one person who is using the Groupwise client and doesn't bother how things are working.

    That said, I think you should focus on the following features/enhancements:
    - Mobility (including WebAccess)
    - 3rd party integration. Docking applications to Groupwise has to become easier (although some developers here won't be able to earn some money, then ;)).
    - Client features in general. Don't just push Windows, but also other platforms. Espcecially MAC gets more and more popular. Don't be shy to copy from other collaboration clients, if the features there are good and people are demanding and missing them in Groupwise, just give integrate them!

    However, I can't resist to add my personal wishes from a IT guy's view:
    - GET RID OF CONSOLEONE! You've done a great job with ZENworks, so please do it the same way with Groupwise (however I think you just can't copy and paste the code ;)).

    Regards, Peter

    Thanks for the feedback. I will check out the uservoice tool. Sounds promising! This is not the only place we will be soliciting feedback, but it would be nice to get a lot of end-user feedback as well and so a tool like the one you suggest might work out great.

    I sent you a private message through Cool Solutions to ask a few demographic questions - watch for it.

    Thanks for the vote and the additions!

    I sent you a private message looking for a few for it.

    Thank you for the feedback - you have been very consistent!

    I sent you a private message looking for some for it.

    Thank you for your comments and vote!

    I sent you a private message looking for some for it.

    Good catch...I saw at least one other person articulate a similar request....basically consistent feature set across all of our clients OR a single client that runs everywhere.

    Web seems to provide that technology, but we have not gotten to all of the features yet.

    BTW: I sent you a private message looking for some for it.


    Thanks! We seem to think a like.... 🙂

    BTW: Sent you a private message requesting some for it!

    Votes recorded! Thanks!

    Watch for private message from me...

    Got it!! We are actively working on this one...Come to BrainShare and attend the session and talk to the engineers that are building this.

    BTW: Sent you a private message.


    I appreciate the confidence! Is there anything else you want?? World Peace perhaps??? 🙂

    Watch for cool solutions message from me...

    Vote counted! Thanks...

    Watch for private message from me...

    Votes counted!

    Note: You have iPad support today through Data Synchronizer. In addition, we are adding special iPad Web Templates for Ascot so users can navigate on the iPad using the Safari browser to their GW email.

    Watch for private email from me...

    Certainly appreciate the additional details.

    I seem to understand and agree with 2-5. However, your iPhone/iPad comments are intriguing. We have not found or had hardly any other customers request a native GW application on these devices. What we are told over and over again is that they want GroupWise 'data' to be accessible through the native applications of Mail, Calendar, Contacts that already come on these devices.

    Granted - you don't get all of the GW functionality, but that has not been a priority or even a request from the vast majority of our customers.

    The only other request we have had for these devices is the ability to use the browser on the device to get to their email. We are providing this capability, at least for the iPad, in Ascot.


    I am in agreement here. I think that this is where we can focus some of our overall collaboration direction and make sure that Vibe complements GroupWise. Giving GroupWise customers even more reason to want/need Vibe.

    Vibe = the document/attachment repository. What would you think about a solution where attachments were auto-magically stripped off of the email and a link was provided instead that took internal/external recipients to Vibe where the document would always be 'live' and never static. Where Access Control, versioning, comments, meta data, etc could easily be included.

    - no more 'real' attachments in GroupWise significantly reducing the storage, backup, archive requirements. Mail box quotas and size limitations improved as a result
    - never a static attachment...all changes go back to the original.
    - We already have search working across GW/Vibe
    - Easy to add recipients to the attachment after the fact


    Thanks for your comments and feedback. You vote has been counted!

    Watch for private message from me...

    Perfectly Clear! Thanks for the feedback...

    I appreciated a few of the 'new' requests and specifics - very nice.

    Watch for a private message from me...

    Vote counted! Thanks...

    Private message from me for it!

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