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GroupWise 18.1 Service Pack 1 (18.1.1) Released

GroupWise 18.1 Service Pack 1 (18.1.1) has been released by Micro Focus. Updates are available for full Windows server, Linux server and Windows client as well as GroupWise Messenger :

Security Fixes
1125460 - Potential security vulnerability in which an HTTP header was reflected into HTML output

1094247 - S/MIME and OpenPGP xfiltration channel Efail exploit related to CVE-2017-17688 and CVE-2017-17689

OpenSSL updated to version 1.0.2r to include fixes for CVE-2018-0734 and CVE-2018-5407

Jetty updated to version 9.4.14.v20181114 to include fixes for CVE-2017-7656, CVE-2017-7657, CVE-2017-7658 and CVE-2018-12536

AdoptOpenJDK updated to jdk-11.0.2+9 from 11.0+28 to include fixes for CVE-2018-11212, CVE-2019-2422 and CVE-2019-2426

1100448 - Admin console JSP compilation could lead to remote code execution

1105969 - Visibility not honored in Address book when sorted on email address

What's New
- Added support for OES 2018 SP1 and Windows Server 2019

- For GroupWise Messenger, file transfer settings have been added to the GroupWise Admin Console on Messenger policies and users. The settings are disabled, but will be enabled for an upcoming release of Messenger

Admin Bug Fixes
942924 - Remove option to send as RFC822 instead of MIME.
965698 - Unable to set backup/restore timestamp from console.
971834 - Report error when Restore area creation fails.
984202 - Wrong item type displayed on search result from Admin console.
1002645 - Expire Reduce saved options file opens as Analyze Fix.
1002852 - Increase LDAP size limit from 1000 to 2500.
1004753 - Blank list when user with undefined attibutes present.
1006247 - No LDAP filter results when using wildcard attributes.
1008766 - New post office does not inherit time zone of domain.
1008767 - Description column hides GWIA list.
1049920 - Wrong path displayed on restore mailbox dialog.
1054639 - Trim leading and trailing whitespace from custom paths.
1097993 - Incorrect rights displayed for user under certain conditions.
1098669 - Reassociated user missing LDAP shortcut attributes on Messenger user object.
1105120 - Unable to disassociate a library object.
1107161 - Sync schedule change requires MTA restart.
1114514 - Adin Console CSV export failure.
1115979 - Export failure when reserved char in group name.
1116109 - *0 error reported selecting domain or post office.
1117809 - Enable/disable of expire users disables Messenger sync settings UI.
1118166 - Unable to rename a remote user.
1118734 - HTTP Error 400 exporting with predefined filter.
1120168 - Delete fails with space in gateway alias name.
1121093 - LDAP and Admin services become non-responsive after several days.
1121628 - Admin service cores after clicking on user Mailbox button.
1123524 - D124 error reassigning archive directory.
1123753 - When available use full name rather than user ID when adding contacts.
1125490 - Trusted application error performing user mailbox operation from Admin console.
1127475 - UTF-8 chars display corrupted on SLES 15 installation.

Agents Bug Fixes
909776 - Recurrence edit of "this instance forward" removes earlier instances of the recurrence series.
1106356 - MTA crash when GWAVA/SMG virus scan enabled.
1110401 - Shared tree subfolder fails to show for recipients.
1112804 - Possible POA core looking up error string.
1115489 - Prevent duplicate iCal sequence number fields.
1115952 - POA core on memory free.
1117914 - Return notification on message delay not honored.
1118374 - Hidden subect text following hard return.
1118938 - POA cores performing SOAP operation.
1123180 - GWIA core sending outbound recurring appointment edit under specific condition.
1127475 - UTF-8 chars display corrupted on SLES 15 installation.

Windows Client Bug Fixes
509413 - Mistranslated strings in Message Status column.
937173 - Allowed filename length exceed on EML export on OES with very long subject.
988682 - Extended characters not displayed in subject and filename with send from Word.
995503 - Single Sign-On failure in mixed directory environment.
1006124 - Item list re-paint issue when viewing Mailbox as tasklist.
1007928 - Other Phone field not displayed in personal address book.
1015951 - Plain text reply on certain messages results in broken or empty message body.
1020468 - False positive phone number recognition with German.
1023178 - Folder state loss when returning from Proxy mode.
1025684 - Mail forward window is smaller than original.
1025943 - Inconsistent unread message icon for shared folders.
1028490 - Sort failure with 100 or more subfolders.
1029587 - Display incorrect with resource role types in GroupWise Address Book.
1032844 - Received email displays in RSS feeds panel.
1043194 - In-line .png files fail to display.
1049815 - D107 error dropping .eml file into shared folder.
1060447 - .ics creates blank calendar when empty RDATE headers present.
1062032 - Client crash on certain email.
1072330 - Calendar and contact scaling issues on super hi-res displays.
1074190 - D11B errors deleting folder containing 10,000 items.
1075523 - Folder tree sometimes not updated until client restart.
1076727 - D107 error while editing a shared calendar item.
1082078 - Crash dropping a contact on a new message.
1090705 - Client hangs opening specific email.
1095285 - Misleading message box prompt when removing TeamWorks root folder.
1097846 - HTML display incorrect for received TNEF 1096646 Findcontacts token failure reported.
1098644 - Opening a message can be too slow.
1104136 - Icon scaling issues on super hi-res displays.
1106318 - Small text with font scaling of 125% and higher.
1106571 - Truncated text on Main Windows Settings dialog in some langauges.
1109192 - D107 error on properties tab of a reply.
1110359 - Font scaling issues on super hi-res displays.
1111113 - Draft item lost under certain conditions.
1111567 - Incorrect HTML display.
1112350 - Toolbar buttons hidden until mouse-over.
1112446 - Crash after forcing item list in Main Window Settings.
1113584 - Emojis don't display with TeamWorks integration.
1113592 - Mailto links do not honor message body content.
1114055 - Unable to close PDF after message view.
1114073 - Delete button not active on quick viewer in certain conditions.
1114244 - Some message parts not displayed when discussion threading enabled.
1114384 - Open attachment fails with TeamWorks integration.
1114723 - Image from mal-formed MIME fails to display.
1114938 - Display name missing on right-click find operation in GroupWise Address Book.
1115035 - C3PO failure.
1115423 - Cannot edit message body during resend of item originally sent via GroupWise Mobility.
1115479 - Draft filter failure with conversation threading enabled.
1115487 - Invalid find results present.
1116565 - Imported .ics events display out-of-office events as free.
1116727 - Alphabet buttons in German address book fail.
1117048 - Reply format not honored.
1117694 - Share invites displays empty in quick viewer.
1117891 - Keyboard unusable for changing date of all-day event.
1118616 - QuickCorrect fails with conversation threading enabled.
1118813 - Large unnecessary caching downloads after online mode.
1118934 - Missing CC users when opening saved view.
1119169 - Replies to external recurring meetings aren't threaded.
1119208 - Fax can automatically become default dialing number.
1119312 - Name completion doesn't prioritize results with exact match.
1119391 - Unable to print TIF files.
1119463 - Open item sometimes very slow when Excel or Adobe running.
1120911 - Unable to view PDF files when Adobe not installed.
1121115 - Crash when dropping attachment from received mail to new compose window.
1121616 - Possible crash changing sort order of GroupWise Address Book.
1121623 - DO18 error during Single Sign-on Login under certain conditions.
1121623 - Login D108 error when Novell client installed but user not authenticated.
1121918 - Settings edit causes unnessecary folder re-read.
1122209 - Folder list missing folders under certain conditions.
1122421 - New contact menu fails when viewing find contacts results.
1122424 - Unable to mark a task complete from the quick viewer.
1122425 - Spell checker not available for inline replies with conversation threading enabled.
1122427 - Unable to move parent item to tasklist when viewing as tasklist and conversation threading enabled.
1122462 - Keyboard unusable for changing appointment start date.
1122771 - Paragraph mark appears after multi-line copy operation during reply.
1122773 - Copied contact entires do not display in find contacts results.
1122865 - Imported .ics creates normal folder instead of calendar when proxied.
1122949 - Unable to name complete on user ID.
1123092 - Recurring all-day events cross day boundaries.
1123204 - Crash creating new rules under certain condition.
1123419 - Text can be lost when items received while composing inline reply.
1123572 - Items missing after new item received with tasklist display and conversation threading enabled.
1123689 - PNG images fail to display on received TNEF formatted message.
1123917 - Hang while replying to specific email.
1124604 - Images may not display on messages originating from an iPhone send.
1125049, 1124604 - Images originating from an iPhone send missing from forwards and replies.
1125173 - HREF in HTML compose points to temporary location.
1125321 - Mailto does not display umlaut chars in HTML body.
1126127 - Copy message header fails on message received from the internet.
1126569 - Name completion doesn't prioritize results by first/last name sort order.
1126572 - Reply text lost with signed email with conversation threading enabled.
1126585 - Find search results missing under certain conditions.
1127501 - Compose screen gradient UI cleanup.
1127512 - NGW_HSZ_* internal field names display in all filter fields dialog.
1127727 - Find button inactive after opening new calendar window.
1127816 - Name completion doesn't prioritize secondary name matches.
1129061 - Umlauts lost when retrieving a Microsoft Word document into message body during compose.

WebAccess Bug Fixes
1119279 - Attachment truncation with GWAVA WASP integration.


Messenger Bug Fixes

Security Fixes
B-130590 - Updated OpenSSL for Linux and Windows to 1.1.1b and updated libcurl to be built against OpenSSL 1.1.1b.
Changed AutoUpdater (nmau.exe) temp cert bit length from 512 to 1024 to support OpenSSL 1.1.1.
Fixed code that was allowing users to login even if their eDirectory password had expired.

Bug Fixes
B-128747 - Fixed Product Info initial delay and repeat interval bit loss.
B-130559 - Updated installer to check for legacy packages and module if sles15.
B-130660 - Disabled cluster configuration.
B-130696 - Fixed agent engine to return proper detail fields; added code to client to check for details properly.
B-130697 - Updated copyright strings, including default download page copyright date.
Changed text in Startup file templates to be GroupWise Messenger 18.
D-89990 - Disable proxy awareness in internal http connection code.
D-89990 - Don't overwrite ports if they already exist during configuration.
D-91392 - Make email address a single-value attribute.
D-91567 - Fixed client handling of autoreply events during archive searches.
Fixed queries that included unmatched single-quotes.
Fixed user sema4 lock issue.
If a contact list is requested from a client, have the MA check it before returning.

Added expanded logging for arcmigrate.
Added verbose logging statement if telemetry fails to send.
B-127607, B-127608 - Updated build, image, and MARS to use AdoptOpenJDK 11.
B-127608 - Updated Linux client to use AdoptOpenJDK 11.
B-127608 - Updated MAC client to use AdoptOpenJDK 11.
Increased diagnostic logging for new connections to show address.
Increased diagnostic logging for syncs to show records processed.
Updated DB version to 3.3.21.
Updated manual provisioning switches in ldaplist.
Updated version to 18.1.1.
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