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Release Notes for Logger 6.2

Release Notes for Logger 6.2

Provides information about the Logger 6.2 release, including what's new, fixed issues, and open issues.

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Logger L3400 is not supported ? I get the following error when upgrading the OS:

File Uploaded:


Update Name:


Update Time:

April 15, 2016 09:17:08 AM

Result of Update:


Reboot Needed:


Error Description:

Upgrade failed; unsupported model(L3400). This upgrade can only be applied to L3500, L7500 and L7500-SAN models.

A similar error occurs when installing the Logger update logger-7633.enc

Is there no upgrade path for the model L3400 ?



The L3400 and L7400 do not support installing version 6.2. This was now updated in the release notes.

Support matrices indicate End of Support for Lx400 at "12/31/2016". Why can 6.2 not be installed on L3400?

While we provide support until the end of 2016, this includes quality issues (bugs, vulnerabilities), HW as well as opening support tickets. We do not ship functional improvements in the last year of support.


I am applying OS upgrade "osupgrade_logger_rhel67_20151221135120.enc" to Logger Appliance and get the following error:

Upgrade failed; RPM -Uv --test unsuccessful.


Model: L7500x

Product Version: L7504

OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.6 (Santiago)

And on log file /opt/arcsight/userdata/logs/aps/platform.log, I found the following entries:

2016/05/23 15:33:57  INFO UpdateManager:331 - running post install checks for update rhel67upgrade

2016/05/23 15:33:57 ERROR UpdateManager:337 - failed to install update rhel67upgrade : com.arcsight.product.platform.business.update.UpdateException: ERROR: Upgrade failed; RPM -Uv --test unsuccessful.

Thanks to assist what is wrong here.


Hi Ahmed,

It looks like the pre-upgrade test has failed for some of your rpms.

Can we get the contents of rhel67upgrade.log file from the /opt/updates directory on this machine? You can either log a support ticket or send it to me at lee.ivy@hpe.com .



Anyone encountered with unable to login, failed authentication issue for local account after upgrade to Logger 6.2?


FYI to all, we worked with Ahmed offline and found the cause of his problem. He sent us his “rpm -qa” output. After he deleted 2 unexpected RPM's, his upgrade went thru OK.

I just updated an L3500 to 6.2 now I cant login. I am stuck in a loop. Authentication works but I get a session timeout flash up and get pushed back to the auth screen. I have cleared browser caches etc.

Hi Alun,

We encountered the same issue with L3500 upgrade to 6.2, still following up with support with no solution yet.

According to support, everything is working but just unable to login.

@Everyone with L3500, please take note.


For the time being, please do not upgrade any L3500 model to v6.2-GA

In some cases, after L3500 upgrade to 6.2-GA, some user accounts

get logged out immediately after login. Other models and form-factors

are not affected.

If you have already upgraded and are experiencing this exact same issue,

then please open a case with Customer Support so we may assist you in

addressing this issue.

Same problem like sanhyongt: I did the upgrades "osupgrade_logger_rhel67_20151221135120.enc" and "logger-7633.enc" on two L7505-SAN Appliances. After reboot I wanted to login as local admin --> Authentication failed. Is there any workaround or solution?

@ Alun Jenkins

We too faced the same issue & here is the steps/fix  from support team.

ssh to logger

1. cd /opt/arcsight/userdata/platform/ssl.crt

2. cp server.pem /tmp/

3. cp server.crt /tmp/

4. rm server.pem - yes to delete the file.

5. rm server.crt - yes to delete the file.

- Now restart all the services again

  • 6. /opt/local/monit/bin/monit restart all 

- Restarting the services will create new server files with matching modules.

  • 7. Reboot the logger.
  • 8. Re-install the servers certificate.

After that all the processes start running, only the “ips” was “not monitored” that is a known issue we have, here is the workaround;

cd /usr/bin

(rename all the perlbug.original to perlbug.original-)

mv perlbug.original perlbug.original-

mv perlcc.original perlcc.original-

mv perldoc.original perldoc.original-

mv perlivp.original perlivp.original-

mv perl.original perl.original-

rpm -Uvv --force --nopreun --nopostun /opt/updates/logger-7307/RPMS/arcsight-perl-5.8.8-29.x86_64.rpm

/opt/local/monit/bin/monit restart insp

Even I was stuck in the login loop after upgrading to 6.2 on L3500.
Root cause was the user accounts were moved out of all groups and so we were not able to login to logger.
Support successfully resolved the issue for me. I had to add all accounts back to the respective groups in order to allow them to login again.
Can't share the exact resolution, but this should give you the idea how to fix the issue, i would rather recommend to take support's help.

Dear Prakash,

I am afraid the instructions you provided are irrelevant to the actual problem.

Regarding L3500 the issue appears only in case your admin user was renamed to another userid.

If that's your case, please contact support before upgrading to Logger 6.2.

If you already upgraded to Logger 6.2 and you cannot login, then support will also fix it for you.

Thank you for understanding!


I'm planning for an upgrade of Logger appliance L7500s. Can't find any instruction on how to roll back if anyting goes wrong. Is there any official or unofficial method?

Dear Henrik,

There is no official and unofficial way to rollback an upgrade for Logger appliance.

If something goes wrong, then please simply open a ticket with Support and they will help you.

Additional note - make sure you have configuration backup and archives setup daily. That's generally a good practice but especially before any changes like this.

Thanks for the quick response.

After upgrading to 6.2 I recognized two strange things. First my personal user account was stripped of all access groups. this happened with some of the other accounts as well. Second, some scheduled searches fail with error "Scheduled search failed because the user to run the job cannot be found".
Anyone else had these problems?

Try logging in with your default admin account. If that also doesn't work, open a support ticket. They will reset the admin account credentials for you.

PS: I faced the same issue after upgrade.

Hi Henrik,
Sorry to hear about the issues you faced.

Per update from ​ this is not a single case. I'd like to understand it more as it may sound like a bug to me.

Personally I never faced this issue as I upgraded to Logger 6.2 multiple times. If it's really a bug, then I'd like to make sure it gets addressed.

Were these affected users somehow special i.e. having some specific permissions?

Any pattern? Perhaps you opened a case with support and I can have a look into your logs.

Thank you in advance!



HI Marcin,

Thanks for taking note of this.

I updated four loggers and  faced this issue only with L3500 appliances.  L7600 appliances did not face this issue.

Moreover , I think its not an issue with users with certain permissions instead its an issue with L3500 appliances.

As both of my L3500 appliances faced this issue.

Hi Ankit,

Now it makes more sense. Per update from ​ I understand the problem appeared on L7500.

For L3500 we know exactly what is the issue. To be honest with you I was quite disappointed that we (HPE ArcSight) released this upgrade package with such issue.

What happens here is that L3500 from Logger 6.2 stops using the built-in connapp. The script which removes access to this component "accidentally" removes some of the user permissions (group membership to be more precise).

As you mentioned, you can login as admin and recreate all your group membership manually on your own.

In case the admin username was renamed, then this account will be also affected by the upgrade script, meaning it won't be possible to login.

If that's the problem, then ticket should be opened with support ASAP to recreate the group membership for the renamed admin user.



My bad Marcin, I wanted to refer to L7500 in my case.

L7500 and L3500 both had same users with same permissions, but only L3500 had the problem after upgrade.

L7600 are new appliances that we have already running on 6.2.

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