Created On:  08 March 2011


The designated Repository Location in Enterprise Server Administration screen was changed to a different directory from default. Installing Studio Enterprise 6.0 upgrade that required uninstall of previous version reverted the repository location designation back to the default directory location.


Default location of Repository for Windows is C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus\NetExpress\6.0\MFDS\

Example designated Repository Location directory location for Windows  D:\ES60\MFDS\Repository

To recover:

1.       Save off designated Repository Location directory.

Rename or make copy of designated Repository Location directory

Make sure designated Repository Location directory also exits can be empty

     a.       ren repository repositoryx

     b.      md repository

2.   From Enterprise Server Administration page; Configure Options link; change the Repository Location from default back to the designated directory.

3.    Stop the Micro Focus directory Server service.

4.   Remove the designated Repository Location directory

     a.  del repository

5. Restore the directory from step 1 to the original designated Repository directory name.

     a.  ren repositoryx repository

6. Start the Micro Focus directory Server service.
Incident #2502511