This is caused by the license file which has been imported into SilkMeter, or being used in standalone mode.

Locate the .pol licensing file, right click and open in 'notepad' format, the structure of the license file will be presented, including number of virtual users available, time frame etc. One of the variables within the license file will be 'version', the version represents the version of Silk Performer that the license file has been generated for, the value assigned to this parameter should be in the following format: version=9.0.

If, the variable has been assigned a value such as 9, for example, version=9, this is not recognised as a valid Silk Performer version and thus the licenses will not be distributed.

If your license contains this variable and value format, please contact Supportline about the provision of a new license file.

As of yet this is the only known cause for this particular problem, you may, however, experience general communication issues with your Silk Performer license meaning that you are rendered with only "1" Virtual User within SILK PERFORMER | HELP | ABOUT.