The steps outlined in the Silk Performer Miscellaneous tutorial, under the section 'Setting up a data source' are only valid for 32bit operating systems. It is not possible to configure a System DSN using the steps outlined in the tutorial on a 64bit machine.

In order to configure a System DSN (as oppose to a User DSN) on a 64bit machine which connects to a 32bit driver, it is necessary to use c:\windows\sysWOW64\odbcad32.exe. This is detailed in the MSDN article

If these steps are not followed, when the user click on the 'Add...' button in the System DSN tab, they will only get a list of 64bit drivers. Most systems will not include many 64bit drivers, for example compare the list of 64bit drivers in this instance:

to the 32bit drivers on the same machine:

If you are using a 64bit machine to create a System DSN for use in the High-Level ODBC Interface in Silk Performer, but do not see a list of available drivers, please try the steps above. If there are still issues finding a suitable driver on your system please contact your system administrator for more details.