In a Silk Performer BDL Script, there is a keyword near the top of the Script called Benchmark.

The benchmark keyword defines the start of the Silk Performer script and is required for every BDF script. The following error will be thrown during compilation if it does not occur at the start of the script:

Compile error SYN 1 : "BENCHMARK" Expected.

It is also used to identify what type of project is being used with the script and where it came from.  For example,  "Benchmark SilkPerformerRecorder" at the start of the script indicates that the script was originally generated by the Silk Performer recorder.  Whereas, "Benchmark Citrix", "Benchmark SAPBenchmarkName", "Benchmark DBMSBenchmarkName" etc indicate that the script was originally created outside the recorder - for example by FILE | NEW | Database Script.

This can be set to anything you wish excluding spaces, beginning with numbers or numbers only or Keyword as defined in the Online Help.