BrowserMouseMove function is not allowing navigation of a dropdown menu control. Some dropdown menus require mouse over or hover events to expand them out. This type of action occurs on record because the real user controls the mouse however mouse hover events or mouse moves are not recorded therefore on replay the menu does not work as expected.

To resolve the issue most customers will script a BrowserMouseMove function to simulate the mouse move and hover events to trigger the necessary JavaScript events.  This is a good solution in most cases however where multiple dropdown menus lead into each other the menu will disappear and the action which is supposed to occur will fail.  The cause of this is that the menu disappears when the mouse is no longer over the menu control.  

BrowserMouseMove fails to work in this scenario because the mouse position is only faked for the duration of the BrowserMouseMove function call.  So as soon as the BrowserMouseMove function completes the real mouse position is reported back to the AJAX framework and the menu will disappear.

In these scenarios there are several options:
- Call a BrowserNavigate to the direct link that the menu item refers to, thus circumventing the need to navigate the menu at all.
- Call the JavaScript functionality directly using a BrowserExecuteJavaScript function.

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