This functionality is intended for use with results from SilkCentral Test Manager executions only.  This functionality cannot be used on SilkPerformer loadtest results unless they are saved to the SilkCentral repository.  Details on how to use cross loadtest reporting are shown below.

  • Run your loadtest in SilkPerformer.
  • When the test has completed choose RESULTS | UPLOAD TO TESTMANAGER.

  • Follow the steps in the Wizard and your results will be uploaded
  • Now open Performance Explorer and in the Test Manager Tree view right-click and select the option to Add Test Manager Results.

  • Follow the wizard to select the results you uploaded previously
  • When the results have been displayed in Performance Explorer you will be given the option to use the Cross LoadTest Report functionality on the SilkPerformer LoadTest results.

SilkCentral Test Manager can be downloaded from here.