The root cause is that, unlike normal Web load tests, we cannot render TrueLogs from the server response source code after the test, and need to generate bitmap images of the application in order to create a TrueLog. In order to generate those bitmaps, the browser needs to open.

It is not recommended to run any full load test with the logging options enabled due to the additional resources required on the agent to do so. The logging options can be set in the 'Active Profile | Results' tabs or via the Results toolbar in the Silk Performer Workbench (this can be toggled via 'View | Toolbars' and 'Docking Windows | Results').

The same behaviour will still be seen with TrueLog on Error when errors occur in the test, In order to generate the TrueLog to help with debugging, the browser will be opened monetarily to allow the bitmap capture of the error.