In the Silk Performer 2010 Help there are conflicting statements regarding Browser Driven Load Testing (BDLT) user behaviour for a revisiting user. The second statement below is the correct one. This will be corrected in the next version of Silk Performer.

1. Configuring Browser-Driven Replay Settings

Revisiting user
Click the Revisiting user option button to generate a realistic simulation of users who revisit a Web site. Persistent connections will be closed, and the document history, the non-persistent cookie database, the authentication database, and the SSL context cache will be cleared after each transaction. In such cases, users do not clear the document cache.

2. BrowserStart Function

Configures virtual user behaviour and browser visibility. The following constants may be used:

BROWSER_MODE_USERBEHAVIOR_REVISITING: Resets the non-persistent session, but does not delete the persistent cookies, cache, and history. Overrides the profile settings.