During recording Silk Performer will determine that a specific XPath locator attribute name is sufficient to identify an element on a page. 

However, it is possible that the name contains a dynamic value which changes with each access.  For example, is that the value associated with the JQuery attribute is dynamic and changes on each run, for example:

On record, you may see the following scripted:

BrowserLinkSelect("//A[@jQuery1323365197947='12']", ........);

However on Replay, the attribute name has changed to


Therefore when the browser looks to identify the element which contains the original value, it cannot locate it as the name of the attribute has subsequently changed.  The results in the BrowserEngine: 29 - Invalid locator or DOM element handle message being returned for the BrowserLinkSelect function.

The solution is to add the 'jQuery' to the 'Ignored DOM attribute' list within Silk Performer (SETTINGS | ACTIVE PROFILE | WEB (BROWSER DRIVEN) | RECORD

During the next recording Silk Performer will ignore the locator which contains the 'jQuery' attribute name, and select another locator to identify the page element.