When using recording rules during recording, Silk Performer will print out a comment of the data that has been modified in the script.  This is useful for keeping track of the automatic changes being made during recording.  However when the recorder starts to handle a lot of data automatically (for example when the data to handle is very large or when multiple recording rules are active) the script can become unreadable with comments and the recording can become slow.  To prevent the recording rule scripting these comments you can add the following line to the ScriptGen section of the recording rule .xrl file:


The xrl files are located in the '...Working\Include' folder by default.

The topic of recording rules and recording rule customization is discussed in detail in the Advanced Concepts document which ships with Silk Performer and can be found under START | PROGRAMS | SILK | SILKPERFORMER | DOCUMENTATION | ADVANCED CONCEPTS | RECORDING RULES section.