For Silk Performance Explorer to monitor a remote Oracle Database via V$SYSSTAT, certain criteria needs to be met.

"System with Database Instance installed - server"

  • After the installation of the Oracle Database, the Oracle Listener needs configured, this is done via the Net Configuration Assistant (ORACLE folder in Start Menu - Configuration and Migration Tools - Net Configuration Assistant).
  • Once the listener has been configured, take a copy of the tnsnames.ora (C:\app\username\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\network\admin) file

"System with Silk Performance Explorer installed - client"

  • After the download has been completed, proceed to go through the installation
  • During the installation process, ensure that only the Oracle*Net and SQL*PLUS components are selected for installation. You can do this via selecting the "Custom" option during the install and from the available components screen select Oracle*Net and SQL*Plus from the Component Name List.
  • After the Oracle Client has been installed, take a copy of the tnsnames.ora file from the database system (C:\app\username\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\network\admin) and paste into the directory in which the Oracle Client has been installed on the client machine, ( C:\app\Username\product\11.2.0\client_1\network\admin)
  • The tnsnames.ora file which has been copied to the client will now need edited. Substitute the "localhost" with the name of the database machine, i.e. HOST = localhost will now be HOST =
  • Delete the information about the Listener from tnsnames.ora file
  • The file should now be similar to below:

    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 1521))

ORCL - This is the name of the connection string

  • Once the tnsnames.ora file has been configured, proceed to setup the monitoring via Silk Performance Explorer | Monitor | Add Data Source | Select from Predefined Data Sources | Database System | Oracle (v$sysstat)

  • Within the 'Attributes Configuration' screen, specify the ConnectString - UserId - Password, finish by selecting the measures to monitor. Monitoring of the Oracle Database via v$sysstat should now be successfully setup

It is important to note that you may be returned with NULL values and the PDCE: 701 message for some of the measures selected, if this is the case, then it is possible that these measures do not exist on the Database. You need to aware of what is available before monitoring.