Silk Performer 2010 R2 will have built-in functionality that improves the automation of some session handling during the recording process.

In order to avoid duplicate session errors when replaying against BlazeDS environments, Silk Performer 2010 R2 will dynamically parameterize "AppendToGatewayUrl" Flex headers (jsessionid) and automatically parameterize the "DSid" (which is essentially a session id). Both the "AppendToGatewayUrl" and the "DSId" occur in the response to the "CommandMessage" and they then need to be used in subsequent requests.

It is also possible to add this functionality to Silk Performer 2010 by using the attached "FlexAMF3.sep" file.

To enable this functionality for Silk Performer 2010, rename (or take a backup of) the existing "FlexAMF3.sep" in the "\Working\Essentials" directory. Then copy the new unzipped "FlexAMF3.sep" that is attached to this article into that directory.