To use the proxy recording method follow the steps below:

  1. In the Phone Emulator - go to TOOLS | OPTIONS - SERVER.
  2. Highlight the ‘DIRECT’ Server and chose SETTINGS.
  3. Uncheck the ‘HTTP Direct’ option and enter in the Gateway field and 8080 in the Port field(this should match SilkPerformers HTTP Listening port which by default is 8080). Remove any unnecessary entries in the Username and Password fields.
Here is how the OpenWave profile should look:

Launch the OSDK62K.exe directly from the C:\ProgramFiles\Openwave\SDK 6.2K\program\http folder, or it ispossible to launch via the command line using the following command:

C:\Program Files\Openwave\SDK6.2K\program\http>OSDK62K.exe -g -pg8080.
(To use this option you will still have to change the Emulators options as above to use and port 8080.)

Then type the desired URL into the Emulators Go bar and hit the Emulators Go button (the round one in the middle). The emulator should then make the request.  SilkPerformer will record WapUrl and WapFormGet type requests depending on the URL entered in the emulator.