Silkerformer 2009R2 uses an architectural de-coupling of the Silkerformer virtual user and the SAPGUI ActiveX control. This means that if there is a crash or failure of the SAPGUI process, the SilkPerformer virtual user measurements are retained. This is done by running 1 SAPGUI replay process per SilkPerformer virtual user. The SAPGUI replay process is called PerfSapGuiReplay.exe and runs inside each perfrun.exe. 

The affected virtual user process automatically restarts (in the background) on a SAPGUI API timeout or crash so Silk Performer 2009R2 now recognizes and reports potential instabilities of the SAPGUI client. This reduces the number of test failures when problems occur within SAPGUI itself and allows for more reliable testing.

One additional feature introduced in Silk Performer 2009R2 is the new SapGuiRestart() function. This allows for the tester to force a restart of the SAPGUI engine if an unstable or inconsistent state is detected.