By default, SilkPerformer uses a page title’s to create the associated timer.  Therefore, if two scripts are recorded, hitting the same page in each, then the results from both these timers will be merged into one as they will both have the same timer name 

e.g. WebPageUrl("", "Google");

However, it is understandable that you may wish to consider the timer from each script separately.  The easiest way to achieve this is to manually rename the timers in the script before replaying so that they are unique across all scripts
e.g. WebPageUrl("", "UserAdminGoogle");

It is also possible to achieve unique timers for the same page during record with the combination of two settings:

1. Settings | Active Profile | Record | Script tab | “Script namespace” and add an identifier in here e.g.”UserAdmin”.  (This setting will add the specified string on to User groups, transactions, timers and variables).  Each time you record you will need to change this identifier to ensure it is unique for each recording.

2. Settings | Active Profile | Replay | Results | General tab | and check “Add transaction name and an identifier to measure names”.
(This setting will add transaction names and an identifier to measure names).

These two settings used in combination will provide a unique page timer names you need when you replay the script. For example,” UserAdmin TMain-001-Google” as opposed to just” Google”. When you come to record again change the “script namespace” to something different e.g. UserBrowser and your timer names will be different when you come to replay – “UserBrowser TMain-001-Google”.