There are 2 possibilities to record a script from native mobile applications (as oppose to mobile Web), both of which use the Recorder’s proxy:

1. Use a mobile device (such as an iPhone or Android device) and route the traffic over WLAN to the Recorder. This is discussed in more detail in the Silk Performer help section called 'Recording Mobile Apps Using Mobile Devices'.

2. Use the Android emulator as described in this community article:

There is also a guide to working with Silk Performer and the Windows Phone emulator in this article -

It may get a bit more complicated when an application is communicating over a secure connection.

Native apps typically perform a check of the received server certificate and expect the certificate from a specific server. If the match is not correct, the SSL handshake cannot take place and the connection will be closed. In this case the only way to enable recording is to deploy the correct server certificate on the Silk Performer recorder. The approach using Silk Performers own Borland CA certificate will not work.

Full details on how to import your own server certificate into the recorder are detailed here - How can I ensure that my own server certificate rather than the Borland certificate is presented to the client during recording of secure traffic?