When running a load test on a French or Danish NT, 2000, 2003 server or XP Windows operating system only one of the three "Health" measures (CPU, Memory, Responsiveness) is returned, namely for "Responsiveness". The"CPU" and "Memory" measures cannot be monitored.

This is due to SilkPerformer not being officially supported on French or Danish Windows OS's.

As a workaround, you can use Windows Perfmon directly (START | RUN | PERFMON) to return a CPU result - the Perfmon "%Processor Time" is the same measure as SilkPerformer's "CPU" measure.

However, there is no Perfmon equivalent for SilkPerformer's "Health | Memory" counter. There is a possible workaround using Perfmon's "committed bytes"/WinAPI's "total memory", but this will require a call to the WinAPI function to retrieve this. To do this, you need to declare the dll within the SilkPerformer script, and then add the explicit call to the transaction you want it called in. For more information on this please see the follow resolution by way of example:

How do I integrate third party dlls into my SilkPerformer script? Do you have any examples of integration of potentially useful functions from the Win32 API? 

A more straight forward action would be to run load tests from an English or German OS.

For a complete listing of support Windows operating systems, please refer to the Release Notes for the version you are using.