After you have recorded against a Web Based application you may on occasions notice that the generated BDF Script as well as containing the expected Web requests (such as WebPageUrl) also contains TCP/IP requests to the loopback address “”; as shown below:

WebTcpipConnect(hWeb0,"", 5152);
WebTcpipSendBin(hWeb0,"\h4A51534D0000000300000000"); //JQSM••••••••

WebPageUrl("", "Welcome toOutpost");

WebPageLink("JS Redirection in page Welcometo Outpost", "Catalog");

The reason for this is that there is a process named “JQS.exe” which is running in the background on the local machine which is hosting SilkPerformer. The full name of the process is “Java Quick Starter” and it"s purpose is to improve the startup time of Java applets and applications by pre-fetching Java Runtime Environment files frequently into memory.

To prevent the process from being recorded you have two options:
  1. Kill the process prior to recording via Task Manager by selecting the process “jqs.exe” from the processes tab, right clicking and selecting “End Process”.
  2. Go to “SETTINGS |SYSTEM | RECORDER | PROXIES | SOCKS | EDIT” and enter the port number “5152” in the box “suppress recording – within port range” prior to recording.
NB. If option 2 does not work you should use a freeware tool such as “TCPView” to locate the correct port number of the process